Friday, February 26, 2010

Take Out...well, delivery

Who gets take-out anymore? It's too labor intensive, especially for something that should be easy. I call, I order and they ring the bell.

Before our move in mid-January we were very happy with our weekly sushi delivery order - Saga was good to us even if it took the an hour to deliver the goods. We moved on a Friday which is martini and sushi night for us. Our first night in the new place, the sushi came with a great salad, but the sushi wasn't what we expected. We gave them another chance or 2 before moving on. Next we tried another nearby restaurant called Fusha. Their sushi for 2 came with a Valentine's roll which was strawberry over rice. I don't know about anyone else, but sushi means fish to me. I even tend to question the California roll as sushi. I know it is crab, but it's cooked. I love eel so I guess I should just let California roll go, but strawberry is a no-go. I couldn't let the strawberry go - that was just wrong. We tried one other place and had lack luster results. This week we tried a new place and ding, ding, ding we have a winner! Thank you sushi hana for a nice dinner last night.


Betsey said...

Glad you found a good place! (this is Betsey by the way...under my psuedonym:)

Betsey said...

Oops, guess I wasn't logged in under my psuedo:)